Online Courses (MOOC)

We are proud to offer a platform for a bunch of online video-based courses on various emerging technologies. Colleges and Universities are requested to encourage their students to pursue these online courses from CAD Centre, Jadavpur University. Academic Administrators of educational institutions are requested to contact CAD Centre, Jadavpur University .

Individual candidates may also register their candidature here.

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Our online courses can be accessed (after registration) from desktop/laptop and mobile apps.

Rules and Regulations

A candidate will have access to their courses only for 11 weeks from the date of commencement of the course. They must complete the course within this stipulated time; otherwise, the registration will be cancelled automatically. Our systems are fully automated and no manual intervention request can be entertained. Each course is divided into multiple modules. Online assignments after each module are mandatory. After completion of this assignment, the candidate will have access to the next module. A total of 25% marks are allocated for online assignments. After completion of all modules, the candidate will have to appear for the final exam for remaining 75% marks. The final exam will be conducted through proctored online examination system. Pass marks is 40% for both the assignments and final exam. Colleges interested to deliver any course(s) through MOOCs platform, should get vetted from their University regarding mapping of course for credit transfer/assesment process.
We provide hardcopy certificate after successful completion of the course. Certificates can be verified through our online verification portal.
Registered candidates will have access to the courses for 1 year from the date of commencement of the courses. However, a candidate must complete all assignments and the final examination within 11 weeks; failing which they will be required to apply for a fresh admission.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has introduced Model Curriculum for Bachelor of Technology programme with 160 credits in the entire programme of 4 years, and additional 20 credits will be required to be achieved through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from different platform for the degree of Bachelor of Technology with Honours. These additional 20 credits will have to be acquired with online courses (MOOCs) as per AICTE. Students of B Tech program will have to complete additional 20 credits through MOOCs within 4 years of time. For Non-AICTE programs, students can opt for MOOCs as Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR) up to 40 credits.
This creates an excellent opportunity for students to acquire the necessary additional skillset for employability through massive open online courses where the rare expertise of world famous experts from academics and industry are available.

Guidelines for MOOC
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have been inducted in University curriculum and academic activities in the following ways:

  • 1. MOOCs for Honours Degree at Undergraduate Level
  • 2. MOOCs for mandatory Coursework of Research Scholars for Ph.D. degree
  • 3. MOOCs are also used for credit transfer as equivalent to theory courses of Curriculum under recommendation of BoS.
  • 4. MOOCs for Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR)

(A) MOOCs for B.Tech. Honours Degree
For B.Tech. Honours Degree, a B.Tech. student will have to earn 20 credits from MOOCs from any established MOOCs platform addition to 160 credits for B.Tech. degree. The total of 20 credits that is required to attain eligibility for B.Tech. Honours degree is distributed over four years in the following way: :

  • 1st year: 4-8 credits
  • 2nd year: 4-8 credits
  • 3rd year: 4-8 credits
  • 4th year: 4 credits

All of the MOOC courses are to be taken from any MOOCs platform as per following scheme of credit points. There would not be any concept of fixed basket anymore. However, during choosing courses in the online platform students would essentially avoid the courses taught/offered through the curriculum in the offline / classroom mode. Please refer the AICTE MOOC Guideline.

Credit points for MOOC platforms

  • 1. Courses of 4 weeks to 7 weeks: 1 credit point
  • 2. Courses of 8 weeks to 11 weeks: 2 credit point
  • 3. Courses of 12 weeks to 15 weeks: 3 credit point
  • 4. Courses of 16 weeks or more: 4 credit point

Where duration of MOOC courses is available in hours: 1 Credit for every 8 hours of course. Where duration is available in week, count of hours will not be applicable. The above structure is indicative only. The BoS/DC of concerned Institute/University may propose credit points for MOOCs.

(B) MOOCs for Research Scholars for Ph.D. degree

Research scholars have to take MOOCs as mandatory as a part of coursework for Ph.D. degree as per advice of the Research Supervisor. The credits for the course will be as per the assignment of credit for the course in the respective University according to the length (in weeks) of the course, even if there is different credit assignment in the MOOCs platforms.

(C) MOOCs for Credit Transfer

Non-AICTE programs had already introduced provision of credit transfer through MOOCs courses. Therefore, different courses of curriculum could be taken from MOOCs platform and credits could be transferred, if offered through online and credits are earned. However, to offer courses of curriculum through MOOCs platform, offering institute must get the course mapping (Mapping between the University course and that offered from the online platform) approved from the candidate’s University for appropriate Credit Transfer Scheme.

(D) MOOCs for Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR)

MOOCs in MAR is provided for encouraging every student to enter in Digital Content form of Education from well-known Universities or organizations. Students can choose any MOOCs course as per their interest area. Students should consult their Universities before registering a MOOC course.

(E) MOOCs for CBCS(Choice Based Credit System)

Non-AICTE candidate may also opt for these courses (designed from updated basket, as per CBCS guideline).